One PC to monitor a whole network

You only need to install WFilter in one pc to monitor your whole network. Though WFilter needs to be installed in a windows system, it can manage all kind of network clients, including windows, mac, linux and mobile devices.

How WFilter works

Minimal influence to network topology

As a software solution, WFilter can be deployed with the minimal change to your current network topology.

Comparsion to appliances

Continuous improvement

We have a dedicated development team working on this product since 2004.

Choose WFilter, you'll get continuous improvements and services to protect your network.

Powerful and accurate application control

WFilter has a powerful engine to detect and block applications. Complex protocols such as bittorrent can be completely blocked by a few clicks.

Protocols List

60+ web categories

A default url database with 60+ web categories are included to meet various web filtering requirement, which can also be extended by auto-categorize.

Web Category List
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