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Chat Monitor Software - IMMonitor

      ------Chat monitor, email content monitor and web browsing monitor in network.


  • Web Surfing Monitor, Monitor all web browsing activities.
  • Chat Monitor, Monitor AIM, ICQ, MSN, Yahoo!, QQ messenger chat converstaions and chat content.
  • Email Monitor, Monitor all incoming and outgoing emails.
  • Easy to deploy, Install in one computer and monitor the whole lan.
  • No Trial Period Limit, Free version can monitor 3 stations.


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How It Works

IMMonitor can be installed on a single Windows machine for a small network(1-500 Users).

IMMonitor analyses network traffics to do monitoring. So IMMonitor should be deployed at a location where it can see all Internet traffics.

Below is a typical network topology for small network, for more information, please refer to WFilter Deployment Guide.

Why choose IMMonitor?

  • Rich feature, IMMonitor integrates chat monitor, email monitor and web surfing monitor capabilities in a single tool.
  • Easy to learn/use and easy to deploy - no client component/agent.

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