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Windows Update ports range, how to block Windows Update in network?

Windows Update
Support: WFilter zh.4.1, WFilter en.4.1, WFilter Free 1.0, WFilter ROS 1.0
  Author: imfirewall ModifyTime: 2018-08-17 05:15:36  
      This protocol can block automatic windows update.  

This protocol is official supported. You can install it in "System Settings"->"Protocols" of WFilter.


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"Windows Update" uses TCP protocol for communication.

TCP traffic analysis

Ports Range

Dynamic ports, no fixed port found.

HTTP traffic analysis

HTTP traffic is found in Windows Update's traffic.

Host(s) being connected(regular expression): .*(officecdn|mp|updates)\.microsoft\.com$, \.windowsupdate\.com$.

TLS traffic analysis

TLS connections are found in Windows Update's traffic.

TLS Host(s) being connected(regular expression): .*(officecdn|mp|updates|update)\.microsoft\.com$.

How to block Windows Update?

  • Block the listed http and tls domains to block Windows Update.
  • Setup a content filter(ie: WFilter), which can block Windows Update via signature matching.

Windows Update v2.0(2018-08-17 05:15:36)

● add sites

Windows Update v1.0(2017-10-23 22:39:20)

● new release