Active directory integration of WFilter


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For better internet monitoring and filtering, WFilter supports "Account Monitoring" to set policy based on user accounts.

1 Enable active directory integration

WFilter can be integrated with Microsoft Active Directory to monitor/filter based on AD users. To use this feature, an available windows Active Directory is required.

1.1 Enable active directory integration

As in "Figure 1.1", you need to enable "Windows Active Directory" in "Account Monitoring Settings".

Figure 1.1

Click "Add" to add a domain controller as "Figure 1.2".

Figure 1.2

Click "Sync" to retrieve domain users as "Figure 1.3".

Figure 1.3

Done, now you can set policy for domain users.

2 Set policy for domain users

2.1 Set users policy for domain users

As in "Figure 2.1", you can set policy for users in "User-device list"->"Users".

Figure 2.1

2.2 Set default OU policy

As in "Figure 2.2", you can set default OU policies for OUs in "OU Default Policy" of "User-device list"->"Users".

Figure 2.2

2.3 Set policy for new found users

As in "Figure 2.3", set a default policy for new found users in "Advanced Settings" of "Account Monitoring Settings".

Figure 2.3

3 Check whether a certain account is being detected

As in Figure 1.5, upon successful account retrieving, you will be able to see "Logon Domain" and "Logon User" by moving your mouse over the names in "Online Users".

Figure 3.1

Please notice: To correctly associate a domain user with a computer, WFilter needs to see the logon process of this domain user. So you need to wait for some while before AD users appear in "Online Users".