WFilter local user accounts


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If you don't have an available Active Directory, you also can enable "WFilter Local Account" feature to monitor/filter by user accounts.

1 Enable WFilter local account

As in "Figure 1.1", you need to enable "Windows local account" in "Account Monitoring Settings".

Figure 1.1

Click "New WFilter Local Account" to add users to WFilter.

Figure 1.2

2 Set policy for users

You may set blocking policy to users in in "User-device list"->"Users".

Figure 2.1

3 Check whether a certain account is being detected

Client devices will be required to input correct username and password to access internet.

Figure 3.1

Login success.

Figure 3.2

As in Figure 3.3, you will be able to see "Logon User" by moving your mouse over the names in "Online Users".

Figure 3.3