Monitor wireless clients from an upper layer manageable switch


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This topic demonstrates a solution to monitor wireless networks clients from an upper layer manageable switch.

Network topolgoy diagram:

Figure 1

In this example, the WFilter computer is connected to the mirroring port of a manageable switch TL-SL2210WEB.

Port1 of the manageable switch is connected to the router, port2 is connected to WFilter computer and port3 is connected to the wireless Access Point. Uplink port1 is configured as the mirrored port.

Mirroring Settings:

Figure 2

If your wireless AP is a wireless router with NAT service, all ip addresses of wireless clients will be translated to the wireless router's external ip address. In this case, WFilter can only monitor the router's ip address. To monitor wireless clients, you need to turn your wireless router into a wireless AP. This can be done either by changing router's settings, or simple do not use the WAN port.