Turn your windows into a Wi-Fi HotSpot to deploy WFilter


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This document decribes a new deployment of WFilter in a wireless network. The solution is to turn the wfilter computer into a wifi hotspot. So wfilter can monitor wifi clients using this hotspot.

Please notice: this solution uses the wireless adapter of the wfilter computer to share internet connections, its wifi signal might not be so strong as your wireless router.

1 Network Topology

Figure 1

2 Creating Wi-Fi HotSpot

Please check below steps to creating wi-fi hotspot in win8 enterprise. The detailed steps might be different in other windows versions.

1. This desktop has a wireless adapter.

Figure 2

2. Run "cmd" as Administrator. Enter the following command:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=Test key=password

This command in below figure will create a wireless access-point with SSID of "Test" , key of "12345678". You can modify the "ssid" and "key" as you want.

Figure 2

3. Run the following command to start wifi hotspot.

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

4. Now you will see a new microsoft hosted network virtual adapter.

Figure 4

5. Open your wifi's property to enable internet connection sharing to the virtual adapter.

Figure 5

Now you shall be able to see the new wifi hotspot in mobile devices. Clients using this hotspot can be monitored by wfilter. There are several other ways to create a wifi hotspot, you may do it in a way you like.

3 Setup WFilter

1. Run "Configuration Wizard" in "Help" of WFilter

2. Choose "pass-by mode", set the wireless adapter as the "monitoring adapter" and "blocking adapter", check "this adapter is wireless".

Figure 6

3. Next until finish. Now you're able to monitor connected wifi clients.